Illustration Background

The personal illustration embodies a watercolor whimsical landscape that could be utilized for a backdrop or layer to additional head shots. I incorporated elements that I vectorized from my favorite coastal landscape and textures from around the house. I wanted the imagery to melt together but also pop out if staring long enough.

Kids Art

Composites cure my stress and bring me to a space I would like to be every day. Creativity is what flows through me while making composites with littles-especially my littles. This highlights the imagination of a young mind and allows one to transport to those fictitious thought spaces instantly.

Krylon Spray Can

Paying homage to my youth and creative training that brought me to my current career, I utilized CMYK to give nod to print life, the grid that embodies the foundation of graphic design, and actual spray paint drips vectorized for the added freshness and newness that is in our surrounding environment. This piece gives me so much perspective and influence to continue to create out outside of the perimeters.

Pancho Villa

A quick play on western wanted poster to commemorate the life and contributions of an American Hero. To add more depth, I tarnished a paper bag, photographed it and then photoshopped it as the base. Black and red present sharp stand out, caution, and ownership to commend his accomplishments.