Chicano Park Museum and Cultural Center

April 22, 2020 commemorated the 50-year take over and preservation of Chicano Park in Barrio Logan San Diego, CA, and the start of the Chicano Park Museum and Cultural Center. The identity centers the Kiosco akin to the museum as a place that honors the cultural legacy of the community, provides creative and educational space, and acts as a pillar of resiliency. The often-utilized Greek motif in design was replaced with hand drawn indigenous lines that are key identifiers within the park.


Tasked with rebranding an exclusive creative office to a more public facing branch of the CA State Assembly proved to be challenging. This branding took into consideration what many of the leading Assemblymembers wanted in a creative support office and how it would interface with their district offices and constituents. The branding took on a feel of the new office culture of working pods and the forward thinking of what government work could be.

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